Kick Fit Martial Arts Fernando Benavides

Kickfit Martial Arts is a family owned business highly recommended for all ages. Whether your goal is to learn self defense through its martial arts programs or get in shape, you will get high skilled training while still having fun. In my 7+ years of training I have a never experienced a boring class. My primary goal at the beginning was to lose some weight and get in shape and I saw amazing results in a matter of months. Then, started it’s Taekwondo program for adults because as I child always dreamed of being a black belt. I recommend this place 100%!

Fernando Benavides

Kick Fit Martial Arts The Decle's

I would love to take this opportunity to say thank you for the last 3 years of growth and development for myself and my daughter.  Studying Martial Arts is an amazing experience but KickFit Martial Arts is so much more, it’s a journey and we are loving it. Thank You!!

The Decle's

Kick Fit Martial Arts The Hernandez Family

Keeping ourselves physically active has always been one of our main goals, but being able to work out while learning self-defense it is definitely a big plus. My husband, my 16 year old daughter and I have been attending Krav Maga for 2+ years. My 6 year old son recently started Tae Kwon Do also at Kick Fit. As a family, we all enjoy the classes and have seen many benefits since we started training. We see improvement in our physical skills, coordination, balance, level of confidence and strength. Each class program includes physical challenges and self-defense techniques that are taught in a very clear and didactic manner. The instructors make the learning process meaningful, easy, fun, and have a clear understanding of everyone’s individual skills and limitations. Through the Krav Maga classes we have learned combat techniques using realistic contexts and scenarios. We feel more aware of how to react and defense ourselves in undesirable situations. In addition to the regular classes, Kick Fit also organizes different seminars, such as Rape Prevention, Active Shooter , Women Self-Defense, Stranger Danger, and more. All of these seminars are a great compliment of what we learn in class. We look forward to continue being part of the Kick Fit family for many more years.

The Hernandez Family

Kick Fit Martial Arts Camilo Quintana

Fantastic environment!  Mr. Alvarez and Mr. Nevins are not only very skilled in TKD, but work very well with their students.  My son loves going there, can't say enough about the school or recommend it highly enough!  Definitely worth it for any child, not just to learn TKD but also for the way they make character such an important part of everything they do.

Camilo Quintana

Kick Fit Martial Arts The Haffizulla Family

The entire Kick Fit team goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that each child receives stellar training. Our son, Adam, not only enjoys mastering Taekwondo techniques but he learns life skills that will allow him to become a transformational leader and productive adult.

The Haffizulla Family

Kick Fit Martial Arts Jena McClure

My 4 year old is so happy to be a Kick Fit Kid! He is just coming up on a full year of training. He has changed dramatically from his first few classes. He was nervous and pretty much cried the entire 50 minutes. Master Alvarez and Mr. Nevins were so understanding, they knew exactly what to do. After a few classes, my son warmed up and was just fine. A year later he even goes to camp there! Not only are they great in the studio, but also very involved with the community. Kick Fit is a family that you should be a part of!

Jena McClure

Kick Fit Martial Arts Marcella Ramirez

I am very happy, thankful and grateful to have discovered KickFit Martial Arts. My son started a year ago & the progress he has made is incredible. The instructors are awesome, they are truly dedicated & focused & offer a family/friendly environment to train as well as learn discipline, respect & self confidence to name a few lifeskills.
The place is amazing. I look forward to being a part of the KickFit Family & watching them grow.

Marcella Ramirez

Kick Fit Martial Arts Sal Maya

Both my son and I have been going to Kick Fit Martial Arts for two years now. I am now a level three in Krav Maga. Learning the different techniques gives me confidence so that if I ever need them, I would be more than ready to defend myself and loved ones in the real world. The classes do require commitment but are appropriate for all levels. The students and instructors are very supportive of each other. It feels like a family. Also, you can't use the excuse that you do not have the time to go. There are classes offered both mornings and evenings. I am very grateful I found Kick Fit Martial Arts.

Sal Maya

Kick Fit Martial Arts Gina C.

My kids have been going to kick fit for over 3 years. They have grown so much under the Alvarez's amazing tae kwon do instruction. I'm very happy that we are a part of the kick fit family. If you're looking for a place that will have your child's best interest at heart then look no further. This school embodies everything a parent would expect and so much more. The children have a sense of belonging with patient and caring instructors, but with the added bonus of humor, fun and all out great music!! But don't get me wrong because the students work hard to earn every bit of reward they get. It's a great school and I'm so glad my children are there.

Gina C.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Leslie N.

Amazing place overall. I was never as fit as when I was training at this location, but it was not only that what makes it amazing, it is the ownership, the great service they give, how attentive they are, and how much they love what they do. Master Alvarez and Mrs. Alvarez are fantastic people and very professional. I miss training with you guys a lot, but I would still recommend Kickfit with my eyes closed. My hubby still trains here and he does not miss a class for anything.

You are family to us!

Leslie N.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Yoslaine C.

I highly recommend this place to all parents. My daughter loves the program, not only she is having fun, but is helping her gain discipline, focus more on school, and learn self-defense. This is a family oriented school and I couldn't be happier with it. Give it a try! you won't regret it.

Yoslaine C.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Sheri W.

Our son has been studying martial arts at Kick Fit for over two years, and he loves it!  He looks forward to class each and every week. We are very thankful to have discovered Kick Fit, and appreciate the commitment Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez have to help each child reach his or her potential.  Our son has grown and benefitted in many ways these past two years...his martial arts skills, self-confidence, self-discipline, respect, and his desire to always strive to do his very best in class, in school, and at home. I have no doubt these skills he is learning at KickFit will serve him well throughout his life.  We would highly recommend Kick Fit to local families in our community!

Sheri W.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Natacha G.

Master Alvarez and his family changed my life. Most caring and thoughtful teacher. No matter your age or circumstance they care about your health and well being and bring out the very best in you. Great place to get in shape, learn to protect yourself at any age. I recommend them 200%. This place will change you forever.

Natacha G.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Lilibet G.

A friend told me about the program for homeschoolers that Mr. Alvarez offer at KickFit. We decided to register our son spring break camp 2015 to make sure he will like the place and trainers. Well, he really enjoyed that week and we decided to register our son David in the afternoon program two days a week. He really likes the Alvarez family and asked us if he could go to summer camp last year. We are very happy with the results in less than a year. Techniques, discipline, self-discipline, focus, responsibility and much more...Great training, great place!!!

Lilibet G.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Bartan P.

Mr. And Mrs. Alvarez offer a safe, fun, caring environment in which they teach practical self-defense techniques, as well as providing an awesome work out for kids and adults! My daughter looks forward to her classes, and I continue to recommend their program to anyone looking for a martial arts training center.

Bartan P.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Chris B.

Awesome place and great for summer camp also. Very clean and friendly staff.

Chris B.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Elana M.

Excellent for the kids as well as adults. My 5-year-old is taking Taekwondo classes and my husband just started Krav Maga training. The instructors (husband and wife team) are exceptional people. Their training style is fun for the children, yet serious, no-nonsense. My husband, who is very physically fit is finding the Krav Maga very challenging, but he enjoys going and looks forward to a long relationship with Kick Fit.

Elana M.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Monique B.

I enrolled my son approximately one year ago because he lacked confidence and was being bullied by a neighborhood kid. In less than 6 months, my son's confidence skyrocketed and now the "bully" gives him more respect than ever. Mr and Mrs Alvarez don't just teach Tae Kwon Do....they teach life skills. Among all the skills, they focus on respect and discipline. I can't begin to explain how my son's pride and confidence has carried over into his personal life. I'm BLESSED for this place and these "angels"....who not only teach my son but love my son!!  On a side note...Mr Alvarez has a great sense of humor and wit about him that makes his classes enjoyable...for the kids...and the parents too!! I HIGHLY recommend this place!!

Monique B.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Fernando B.

Excellent place to workout, learn self-defense, meet nice people and most important have fun. In my 6 years of training there hasn't been a boring class, Master Raul Alvarez always push you to your own limits in a safe way. Lots of different drills and exercises make your body and mind achieve its full potential. I recommend this place 100%... try it out, there is always time to take care of the most important that is yourself.

Fernando B.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Deb B.

We couldn't be happier with Kick Fit Martial Arts. The guidance and confidence our son has been given by the Alvarez family is immeasurable! Self-defense and self-confidence are just a few things you will gain from their program! #1

Deb B.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Amy K.

A year's worth of training at Kickfit Martial Arts has done wonders for my kids. I've noticed an increase in their strength and stamina, as well as ability to focus and follow instructions. Their fitness level has improved immensely, with their pediatrician noting they gained muscle and their weight is good for their age/height. The kids love going, and are motivated to achieve each new rank, because the instructors are so positive and make it fun. There's plenty of encouragement and rewards every training day to keep them going. On top of that, the Alvarez family is invested in the Kickfit Kids in and out of class, supportive and interested in their achievements in school and other extracurricular activities. I really couldn't be more pleased, and I highly recommend Kickfit Martial Arts.

Amy K.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Michael B.

Great place!  I would highly recommend to anybody looking to get fit or to improve self-confidence.  The Alvarez family is amazing.  

Michael B.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Arlene R.

Kickfit Martial Arts/ Krav Maga is the best choice I have made in reference to losing weight and getting fit. Mr.and Mrs. Alvarez has a great passion for teaching their art and it shoes. I've joined gyms and tried working out at home but nothing compares to being in class with people who just want to learn and have fun while doing it. The atmosphere is welcoming, comfortable and fun! I have always told people to try it out, you won't regret it. Come to check us out!

Arlene R.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Nicole L.

Both my boys attend Kickfit Martial Arts. They have come a long way with the guidance and dedication of Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez. They are a professional husband and wife team. They teach our kids all the necessary skills they need to go through life. I would recommend them to everyone I know. They will make a huge difference in your kids lives and your lives, as well as they, also offer adult classes. Best Martial Arts dojo in town!!!!!!

Nicole L.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Jessie H.

My family loves KickFit because the school is run by a wonderful family. The instructors, Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez and their 2 children, treat all of the students and parents as if we're family. It is a very comfortable and welcoming environment. In addition to the classes they have, KickFit always finds time for FUN! The school offers birthday parties (my son's FAVORITE party so far!), a Haunted House, Parents Night Out, Tournaments and more! We love our KickFit family!

Jessie H.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Steph D.

The adult classes are fun and challenging! Never a dull class... You not only get a great workout but lessons in self-defense! I highly recommend Kickfit not just for the kids, but adults as well!! 

Steph D.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Matilde L.

Truly a complete blessing my son started this school and he has improved so much in this class not only with his teachings but also at home. One of the many things that I love about this school is they teach your son new words there meaning and how to apply it on there everyday life. It's by far incredible and because they did so great with my son o decided to join KRAV MAGA and it's one of the best things I have done all the people there are incredible and very welcoming and you definitely won't have a dull moment ever!

Matilde L.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Maria G.

We are very happy with this school. They not only help my kid learn about the technicalities of Martial Arts but also focus on values such as respect, self-discipline, perseverance and more. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Maria G.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Patrick C.

My wife and I love kick Fit. They offer good exercise. and training, it is always a good workout. I found something with Kick Fit that I could not find at any gym. I found a home, family, friends and a place to exercise and train. Thank you Kick Fit Family.

Patrick C.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Annamaria A.

This family-run martial arts studio is just that family to us. Over the course of 3 years, my children have grown with more discipline, focus and respect for both themselves and others. Kick fit is an amazing place to watch you kids grown into the young adults we want them to be. I highly recommend Kick Fit to everyone.

Annamaria A.

Kick Fit Martial Arts Chiavani C.

My husband and I have been going to Kickfit for about eight months now. We both love it. You get a great workout and learn how to defend yourself. Especially great for women with its rape prevention techniques.

Chiavani C.

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