Parents of Cooper City, Davie, and Pembroke Pines Register today for Our 2022 Kids Summer Camp. At Kickfit Martial Arts we keep the campers busy with martial arts and self defense training, along with character development activities, creative exploration, and interactive games. The focus is on interaction, and there is no time for sitting around. There will be constant activity made fun!
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Safety Protocols

The state and county have finally allowed Kickfit Martial Arts to reopen! Though this is very exciting, we must remember our safety first!

In order to ensure proper health and safety of our members we've updated our cleaning protocols.

If your concern was COVID-19 related, then please take a moment to learn about some changes we are doing. We hope this puts you at ease and more comfortable with returning:

- We have invested in an Ionic Air Purifier that kills all airborne bacteria and bacteria on flat surfaces throughout the entire school.

- Classes will be 45 minutes to allow time to clean and disinfect between each class. We will eventually return to the usual 50 minutes once our regulations permit us to.

- Class sizes will be a lot smaller than normal. All classes will start at their normal times.

- All kids programs will be integrated for warm ups, fitness drills, and mat chats, but a portion of class will be dedicated to their assigned curriculum. (Ex. Taekwondo will learn their TKD forms and Krav Kids will learn their self defense techniques - no forms)

-As required by law, we will be keeping 10 ft of social distancing during class. Only students will be permitted in the building at this time. No spectators inside the building. This is in effort to provide enough room for students to train as we are limited to 50% off our capacity. Thanks for understanding!

-Family members of students are invited to observe class through our ZOOM meeting. See our student app for login info.

-One ALL AGE online class will still be provided in the afternoon for those who still would like to train at home for just a little while longer. See our student app for login info. It will focus on Strength, Endurance, Flexibility drills, and Kickboxing Training.


- As of now, no contact activities like sparring will be permitted, please continue to bring your equipment for use on our heavy bags and kicking pads.

-Please bring your own water bottles in order to avoid water fountain use as it will not be operational during this time.

-All students and staff will be checked and confirm no symptoms of Covid-19 before entering the building. A questionnaire and waiver release will be given to you to fill out on your first day back. It must be filled out and signed to completion to participate on our training floor. No exceptions. If you or one of your family members is unwell, please refrain from coming to classes.

-Please utilize the hand sanitizers upon entering the academy through the front of the school. All students will exit the building through the back. Pick up your child behind the school. Kids will not be permitted to enter through the front entrance.

We are very excited to start getting a semblance of normal again and I know many of you are as well. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone or email me personally!

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