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🔥I’ve decided to do a fitness challenge and guarantee results‼️🔥

🗓️It’s 8 weeks & includes:

Unlimited fitness classes🏋️🥊
Unlimited Coaching👍
Private Facebook group👀
Diet Plan🍲
Grocery List🛍️
Boxing gloves🥊🥊
2, 1-1 Transformation sessions with a coach

(Serious people only - only 50 spots)

Ask for INFO in the comments

👉👉Here’s how it works:
🏅We will set a goal together... If you hit the goal 🎯, you could win $1000 worth of prizes.🎉🎉

You can also walk away and do whatever you want to stay in shape.

But if you don’t put in the work and fail.. you HAVE to train with me all of 2019.

This challenge Starts January 15th!

There will be 3 groups:
**6:30AM 8:30AM & 7:30PM**

⚠️There are only 50 spots, no exceptions. You must be willing to put in the work and you must apply.⚠️

⁉️Are you interested yet⁉️

First, you must meet these requirements💯:

Requirement #1️⃣: You have to be willing to put in the time. No excuses.. Every Day is Game Day.🏈🤣

Requirement #️⃣2️⃣: 🧠 You have to have the right mindset and trust me and my team. Go all in! Be ready to work.. Do it anyway!

Requirement #️⃣3️⃣: 💵 Money.. The cost is only relevant to how serious you are.. If you don’t align your resources (time and money) with your goals.. YOU WON’T HIT THEM.

Who is the challenge for⁉️

Men and Women 18 and up.
You must be ready to do it for real this time.

💃🏻Challenger 1: “Mrs. Ready for a Change”... She’s tired of personal trainers who overpromise and underdeliver.. and cheap gym memberships that just aren’t cutting it.💰

🛋️Challenger 2: “Mr. Bored”... Mr. Bored is tired of the same old weights and treadmills.
So is “Ms. Bored,” his Girlfriend😴

🙄Challenger 3: “Mr. & Mrs. Blerrg”... They have low energy and they’re not motivated 🙄
You’re not motivated because you don’t have a team and you can’t see the vision of the
perfect you.

Energy will come when you feel the results.. When the jeans fit again.. when your spouse...says “heyyyyyy:) ok ok.. I see you been putting in the work”

🚀It’s gonna be hard but, stick it out for the 8 weeks and you’ll be on a different level.🚀

🚑Challenger 4: “Mr. Waaaahmmbulance”... It’s toooo hard 😭 🚑 Well I’m sorry to break the news to you..
💣The truth is..
💣Nothing good is easy.
💣You need hard... you NEED it.

🔥Application starts now until January 14th.🔥

⚠️Only 50 spots, no exceptions.⚠️

When the 🥊gloves and are gone, it’s done!

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